Take a hike! (With me?): Kenya edition, Sagalla Hill

Sagalla Hill overlooks the agricultural area where our field station was located and where I did the majority of my field work in Kenya. Every morning, I’d jog on the red dirt road and watch the rising sun stain the hill, usually wreathed in clouds, from down below. I wanted nothing more than to hike […]

A colorful Mt. Nittany hike

From the autumn!  Also, might I add that my friend who got hit by a drunk driver three years ago completed this hike and I am very proud of him.  He took some of these photos but I don’t remember which ones, so I’ll throw them all in together.  We have a very different photographic […]

Take a hike! (with me?) The Golden Eagle trail 2016

I’ve mentioned the Golden Eagle trail before, but gosh I love it.  It has to be one of the prettiest day hikes in PA, and at over nine miles and two major climbs it’s a pretty challenging one too.  Feeling the onset of existential dread, I took myself for a rigorous hike in a beautiful […]

Scenes from the Birding Cup, 2016

The Birding Cup is a birding competition in which teams try to see as many species of birds as possible within a 24 hour period. Our team (the noble Timberdoodles) has always competed in the birding boot, which means no mechanized transport. I’ve posted about a couple of past birding cups (here and here oh […]

An Epic Railtrail Hike (and a monster attack)

My friend and I did a ten mile railtrail hike last Saturday, which is epic not for its distance (although that was part of its epic-ness), but because of everything that went wrong. Also I was attacked by this monster: 50 pounds of furry First, it is epic for my friend to be able to […]

A pack of peccaries (or a peck of packeries?)

Do you remember how I told you that fantastic places have their own way of saying goodbye? That was true of the first biological station we left in Costa Rica…as we were leaving half a dozen charismatic animals came out to distract us (I realize I even forgot one in that post, so I added […]

The tapir

  This is a story about how I went looking for some very, very tiny animals, and ended up stumbling (almost literally!) on a very, very large animal. I had learned about Microstigmus wasps from the director of the biological station. She told me that these tiny, eusocial wasps build nests that hang from a […]