Take a hike! (with me?): Slea head

Still catching up on hiking I did in Kerry with the fam. River and I ended up getting quite ahead of her parents, but we had a good time. Much nicer weather than the hike around Bray head, absolutely stunning… I think that’s Dingle over there I told her to make a “I just conquered […]

Take a hike! (with me?): Bray head edition

A lovely little short hike out to Bray head and back that I did weeks ago with my uncle and cousin River (guys, I am so far behind on my posting it is not even funny, but this year has been full on). River is a surprisingly good hiker…surprising because she constantly complains, despite the […]

Take a hike! (with me?): Howth 2018 edition

These are photos from the beginning of June, but I am just now getting around to posting them. Back to Howth because I had two very dear friends visit from North America. These are my pals that gave me an honorary Canadian citizenship, complete with a mini Canadian flag, a stuffed moose, and pure maple […]

Take a hike (with me?): Knocknarea

Knocknarea is a very famous hiking trail near Sligo. Everything I read said it was a loop trail, but as I learned, it is actually a linear trail that goes from the carpark at the base of Knocknarea, over the hill, and straight into town (Strandhill). Thinking it was a loop trail, I kept hiking […]

Take a hike (with me?)!: The Glen

The Glen is a curious little hike near Knocknarea in County Sligo. It’s called a “microvalley”. They warn you that the trail is “extremely muddy”, but what they mean is “under water” for much of its length haha. But if you make it into the microvalley, you get to enjoy this lush green canyon, with […]

Take a hike (with me?): Union Wood

A couple weekends ago, I was staying out in Rathlee enjoying Co. Sligo. My friend and I hiked around Union Wood, recommended by Murtagh’s Meadow (check out that blog if you can! very nice Irish gardens). And what an excellent recommendation! It’s a beautiful walk in a really nice forest. Beautiful Wood Sorrel in a […]

Take a hike! (with me?) Bull Island, Ireland

Had a nice little hike around Bull Island, which I believe is a man made sand island in Dublin Bay. It’s also a wildlife refuge (or parts of it anyway, parts of it are two golf courses haha) and you can walk around and admire the shorebirds and marram grass. Marram grass! Common gulls Anyone […]