Take a hike! (With me?) Timothy Lake Meditation Point

There’s a nice short hike you can do from the north arm campground of Timothy Lake to Meditation Point. I recommend it! I took a lot of photos of the trail while my buddy patiently waited for me. This is just a beautiful forest Ahh just looking at this photo makes me feel peaceful Forest […]

Take a hike! (With me?): Little Crater Lake

Okay, so everyone knows about THE Crater Lake, as in Crater Lake National Park. But have you heard of Little Crater Lake? I thought not! According to Wikipedia, geologists consider Little Crater Lake “an oddity”, because they don’t really know how it formed. Some geologic process formed a depression in the ground, which was filled […]

A small section of the Loowit trail

I didn’t have enough time to hike as much of the Loowit trail as I would’ve liked, but I did have some fun rambling about on the boulders of this small section of the trail. The full trail goes all the way around the base of Mt. St. Helens…it’s 28 miles round trip, so I […]

Take a hike! (with me?) Lava Canyon, Mt. St. Helens National Monument

It’s pretty amazing to see the impact the explosion of Mt. St. Helens had on the surrounding landscape, completely deleting whole sections of forests, and revealing new features and topography. This lava canyon is one of the “new” features the eruption revealed, and it’s pretty fascinating! I would say this is a challenging hike if […]

More photos from camping/hiking at June Lake (Mt. St. Helens National Monument)

This is almost a Take a Hike! post because there is hiking involved in getting to June Lake. But it’s pretty minor hiking so… The start of the trail up I ❤ trail photos…I hope there's at least one other person out there in the world who enjoys trail photos as much as I do […]

Take a hike! (With me?): Glendalough wanderings

The money shot I went to Glendalough with a friend and we didn’t really have a plan about where we wanted to hike. There’s only one public bus to Glendalough from Dublin, so we had a very limited time there and we just wanted to wander and see what we could see. We ended up […]