Stung, by Heid E. Erdrich

Stung She couldn’t help but sting my finger, clinging a moment before I flung her to the ground. Her gold is true, not the trick evening light plays on my roses. She curls into herself, stinger twitching, gilt wings folded. Her whole life just a few weeks, and my pain subsided in a moment. In […]

The closer you look…

…the more you see! Sometimes, I am amazed by how much life there is in summer.  It seems like one can just keep zooming in.  I will plop down on a patch of grass and stare at some Lemon Balm…suddenly, I see wool carder bees zipping around, Asilid flies hunting prey, dragonflies darting about, tiny […]

Oh honey, bee happy

I had a lovely visitor to my research plots yesterday. Although I am partial to the native and wild bees myself, the introduced honeybee is undeniably gorgeous, wouldn’t you say? The ones visiting my plots were so golden too.  Really gorgeous bees.  I think my blogger-friend Emily (site here: Adventures in Beeland) called them “ginger.”  […]

Worrisome news on the bee front

Over the past few decades, honeybees (primarily in the US but also elsewhere) have been threatened by a suite of hazards, including Varroa destructor (a parasitic mite), which carries two deadly bee viruses (one of them you may recognize as the “Israeli acute paralysis virus” or IAPV), and many other pathogens (including more than 20 […]