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My university made me take the Oxford comma out of the title of my PhD thesis!  I was so furious…but I wanted my degree, so I complied.  Now I’m finally vindicated! “Four leaf clovers” are just Wood Sorrel (Oxalis), guys. Sorry to burst your bubble 😛 Fascinating article on insect migrations: I […]

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Okay, so the process of moving to my new location is less organized than I would like and I’m still trying to get myself sorted (finding a place to live, getting an office key, things like that), but here are some links for you to read in the meantime! Bumblebees can smell who visited […]

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Slime molds can share learned knowledge: Are Santas elves derived from dwarves? This post investigates: It snowed in the Sahara (NB: I made the mistake of reading the comments and no, this does not in any way disprove climate change, see earlier posts with convincing evidence of climate warming globally)! Migrating insects […]

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FEATHERED DINOSAUR TAIIILLLLL (If you didn’t already know this, you heard it here first!): Australian photo contest: Four periodic elements named! Marine pollinators…tiny crustaceans (i.e. arthropods I like to call ocean insects) pollinate sea grasses: (PS I resent them being called bees) Dumbledore means bumblebee! All the awesome things bees do: […]

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Bees never cease to amaze!  Here is a collection of recent news (and not so recent news which I recently founds) about one of my favourite groups of organisms. Bees excavating hard sandstone: And if you want to help fund that research: Can bees be on the endangered list? Bees collecting plastics […]

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I cannot express how much I love this comedy photography competition…personal favourites include the snowy owl (duh), the prairie dog contemplating a blade of grass, and the bear going for a jog: A commercial for Hercules (and associates): Children draw scientists: I’m always on the lookout for examples of blue in nature: […]

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Colors in nature! Why do sunflowers turn with the sun? I’ve always thought this about fax machines: Yes! Let’s make observing insects fun for everyone! Why not? 🙂 Mound building spiders?! Yes, please: Yay kakapos! How caddisflies build their cases: Sparkly butt spiders! (again no blue pigment, just structural […]