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Pop culture icons reimagined as insects? Yes: The most Irish thing ever? Risky headline, cute story: How did I not know about this!? You can get data from graphs in published papers using DataThief! Go NPR! The bulk of the world’s pollination services are being carried out by organisms other than honeybees: […]

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OMG You have to read this story about astronomers geeking out over jumping spiders, and also jumping spiders chase laser pointers just like cats…whhhhaaat: It is definitely a bucket list item to get to see the wildflowers of Western Australia…amazing endemism and diversity: This spider web gains strength from touching insect bodies by […]

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Alternative ways to kill weeds! (in agriculture, sorry gardeners) Plants that are edible to you and good for bees too! One of my favourite movie quotes ever, and I’m really feeling it since I moved to Ireland. “I better straighten myself out.” “Need any help?” “Oh…all I can get.” Scientists are funny (as […]

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Don’t be fooled by cheap visualization tricks! If you’re a person who digests graphs from the media (i.e. anyone), make sure you know the ways people can lie with graphs: I think it’s fair to call me a minimalist, given that everything I owned fit into a suitcase a couple of weeks ago. But […]

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Holy crap this Hercules beetle pupa is awesome: If you’re an anti-vaxxer, read this! (you can read also if you believe in vaccines, for reaffirmation): I keep telling people not to eat mouldy bread, but they don’t believe me.  NPR is on my side, though: Oh NPR…PLEASE DON’T CALL CATERPILLARS “WORMS”: […]

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This is cool…an open repository of plant illustrations for scientific manuscripts. I’ve also made some line drawings available here and here: Mumps outbreak was caused by vaccination gap…herd immunity is important folks!  There is no link between autism and vaccines, so protect yourself and your children from vaccine preventable diseases: I’m gonna call […]

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Welp, this is bad news: Super tuskers are elephants whose tusks weigh more than 50 kg each (or touch the ground), they are getting preeeettty rare because ivory is worth between 1,500 and 2,000$ per kilo. We just lost another one in Tsavo not long ago: Another story about hunting a super tusker: […]