Invasive, but adorable, grey squirrels Can I just say, without any implications, that the Irish way of saying squirrel is adorable? One of my Irish friends said it yesterday and I had to fight not to tell him it was adorable because he was being very serious about this nasty invasive pest. Squee-rell. People hate the grey squirrels because […]

Starlings are invasive (and pretty)

  Have I talked about starlings before? Only in the sense of mentioning how amazing their murmurations are. I won a scholarship in high school writing about the invasion of starlings…I should dig that up and make it a blog post haha.  (Not really, although if you rate it by funding success, my writing was […]

Hanging out with orchard bees: Osmia cornifrons

This is a bee species that was introduced from Japan to help with orchard pollination. Since its introduction, its population has been spreading across the US and is doing extremely well here. It is by far the most abundant mason bee you will see in early spring. It is unknown whether it competes with native […]

On the phenology of invaders

I went to a super interesting talk this week by Jason Fridley, of Syracuse University.  Dr. Fridley’s work revolves around invasion biology, a subdiscipline of ecology.  I’ve written about invaders before here…they’re a ubiquitous component of our flora (and fauna to be honest), and thus impossible to ignore. There were a lot of interesting aspects […]

There’s finally proof that bees like thistles!

A scientific article came out recently with evidence that bees like thistles!  (Of course we already knew this…) Here’s a link to the article, which came out recently in the journal Diversity and Distributions. The main point of the article is that these noxious invasive thistles provide important floral resources for bees precisely because […]