Links to share (distracted version)

Okay, so the process of moving to my new location is less organized than I would like and I’m still trying to get myself sorted (finding a place to live, getting an office key, things like that), but here are some links for you to read in the meantime! Bumblebees can smell who visited […]

Heinlein Links to Share

I am a-traveling again! I’ll post when I land as a stranger in a strange new land where I will make my next home (hint: it’s not Mars). Until then, please enjoy these links to share… I already knew bees were smart…after all, I’ve seen them respond quickly and rationally to short term experimental treatments! […]

Links to share

Slime molds can share learned knowledge: Are Santas elves derived from dwarves? This post investigates: It snowed in the Sahara (NB: I made the mistake of reading the comments and no, this does not in any way disprove climate change, see earlier posts with convincing evidence of climate warming globally)! Migrating insects […]

Links to share

Moar photos: I have thoughts on this but shouldn’t share them haha (disclaimer: I’m a cyclist): I should do a post on Wolbachia: OMG, I just found out about this pitcher plant that thrives on tree shrew poo…did you know about this and not tell me?!  Amazing…article and paper Speaking of pitcher […]

Links to share

FEATHERED DINOSAUR TAIIILLLLL (If you didn’t already know this, you heard it here first!): Australian photo contest: Four periodic elements named! Marine pollinators…tiny crustaceans (i.e. arthropods I like to call ocean insects) pollinate sea grasses: (PS I resent them being called bees) Dumbledore means bumblebee! All the awesome things bees do: […]

Links to Share

No way! It looks like the American Chestnut might not have been the dominant tree in eastern hardwood forests before its decline after all…this is the problem with stories that are told and retold and never questioned (Still a great tree though): This is also super interesting…it looks like neonics might cause outbreaks of […]

Special Bee Edition of Links to share

Bees never cease to amaze!  Here is a collection of recent news (and not so recent news which I recently founds) about one of my favourite groups of organisms. Bees excavating hard sandstone: And if you want to help fund that research: Can bees be on the endangered list? Bees collecting plastics […]