Some Kenyan lizards

I’ll have a separate gecko post (of course), and I’ve already written about the chameleons (1, 2), but here are some of the lizards I regularly saw around the research camp in Kenya. I think this is a Somali Painted Agama, but I’m not sure: Our most common lizard was the Red-headed Rock Agama. This […]

Some Costa Rican Lizards

Anolis lizards are the most common…they are very dominant in the tropics Look at that smug mug Juvenile Anolis Another juvenile Anolis…I got so excited thinking these guys were geckos (only a couple of centimeters long!) that I caught one and brought it back to the station only to learn it was just another Anolis…le […]

Looking at a Lizard, by Barry Spacks

How did I miss this poem when I was putting up all my lizard posts (also these)? Looking at a Lizard My only purpose this moment is looking at a lizard. Does he know he’s not alone? He breathes with tiny push-ups, his skin all hairline caverns soaking up the sun. I doubt, alive, I’m […]

A tale of two horned lizards

I generally call myself an “allogist” because, in spite of my training in botany and my research experience in entomology and my passion for ornithology…I just love all living things and I want to know each one by its name. However, most biologists I know are more likely to specialise on a given group. Bee […]

Madrean Alligator Lizard

I spotted a juvenile alligator lizard winding its way along a gravel path and it looked so much like a snake.  I thought, “What is THAT…I have to catch it.”  So I did.  I would have sworn it was a skink, but the alligator lizards aren’t even in the same family; they’re in the Anguidae, […]