More Rascal photos

I can never get enough of this pup! These two are in love That look of adoration This is what every day should be like…two people petting me at the same time! Happy Face She’s getting a little more distinguished with grey eyebrows these days Yessssss…all the cuddles Rascal demonstrating proper double love paw format […]

Rascal the Raider dog enjoying snow

Yes it’s true…I got to hang out with this adorable pup. I know everyone is jealous! Silly pup loves eating snow Serious snow nose I never get tired of these goofy photos of her running A pretty photo of her kingdom RAWR Barrelling through the snow Happy puppy! Attacking the camera person! Playin! Snow nose

A five puppy day

Doesn’t get much better than five different puppies to cuddle with in one day! I had the chance to travel around and see some of my favourite canine friends…here are some selected photos from the millions I took. Bella baby Cooper the pooper Chance is an old gentleman Puck the puppy And of course hers […]

Chaffinch mating dance

I got to see this cute chaffinch couple doing their courtship ritual, with the male doing a little dance. I was pretty impressed! But the female…not so much. These are great birds that I didn’t even know existed before I came to Ireland! First, the female checked out the log Chaffinch butt I know this […]

Love after Love, by Derek Walcott

Yes. Learn to love yourself. It is just so important…. LOVE AFTER LOVE The time will come when, with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror, and each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit here. Eat. You will love again the stranger who was your […]