Tiny mining bees, and Upon the Bee, by John Bunyan

I was in love with these teeny tiny mining bees (sometimes nicknamed mini-miners) at one of my field sites this summer (prior to death of macro lens RIP beloved lens). To give some idea of relative scale Male and female next to one another (female is larger and has pollen brushes) Male mini miner Ireland […]

Some bees and flowers of Oregon and Washington

It’s all in the title! Here are the best of the bee and flower photos I took on my brief visit to the west coast (best coast?). 😉 This fireweed is all over Ireland, where it’s considered invasive, but I think it’s native to the west coast? Delightful little Halictid on an aster (identifications are […]

The last photo of my macro lens

My macro lens died and I’m totally calm about it (WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH!). It’s taken many many photos over the years, and it’s served me well on three continents, so I can’t complain.  Still, it’s hard not to be sad; the timing was quite awful.  I was in Arizona, in the middle of a bee biodiversity hotspot, […]

Mantis photo shoot

Some photos of our office pets…the mantids are some of my favourites! Ghost Mantids (Phyllocrania paradoxa) (I’ve posted photos of them before…we raised these guys from little itty bitty babies) This guy was really hamming it up… A beautiful creature! No paparazzi! Like a belly dancer!* African Twig Mantids (Popa spurca) Budwing Mantids (Parasphendale agrionina) […]