Female Peponapis pruinosa

So I make a lot of mistakes. And this includes misidentifying things, even, yes, on this blog. Le sigh. But I’m not afraid to admit it, and I try to correct it when I can. This is a post from three months ago…I thought I had Anthophora walshii, but you know what it was actually??? […]

Some Melandrena

Melandrena is a subgenus of Andrena, which are also known as the mining bees because they nest in the ground.  The Melandrena are abundant visitors to apple blossoms and are thought to be important pollinators of that crop (Russo et al 2015).  They are early spring bees (so yes I should have posted these photos […]

Colletes flying

I keep having this weird paranoia that I’ve already posted things and just forgotten, and that I’m writing the same posts I’ve written before, or posting the same photos.  I don’t think I’m doing that, but if I am, let me know.  Just goes to show how absent-minded I am.  It would be just my […]

The early bee catches the…

…also early flower?  Everything is out so early this year!  I feel a little concerned, and more frantic than usual, since I can’t be out scouring the woods for spring ephemerals as I normally would be. Well, impatient of the healing process I dragged my gimpy leg out to the nearest ‘natural area’ yesterday, which […]

Floral Resources: Appealing to your pollinators

I think that Colony Collapse Disorder really brought a lot of attention to pollination services, at least in the US, where it is a “hot topic”.  It’s hardly a concern in Australia.  What about the UK?  I don’t know how bees are doing there right now. In any case, as honeybee populations collapse around the […]