A battle between a dung fly and a jumping spider

(Spoiler: the jumping spider won) Thistles are always a great place to find exciting insect phenomena. Not only do bees and, as I’m increasingly aware, syrphid flies and butterflies, love thistle flowers, but the spiny stems and leaves are a great place for prey and predator alike to hide and chase. If you find a […]

The Grey Herons of Dublin

These guys are surprisingly super common in Dublin, especially along the river Dodder…but I’ve even seen them poking around the dirty Liffey and Grand Canal! No matter how common, I’ve always felt it is a great gift to see a heron, and the grey herons are very similar to the North American Great Blue Heron […]

A bunch of big, fat cheetahs

Okay, maybe that’s a bit mean, but the predators of the Maasai Mara were fat, at least compared to the lean, lean cheetah I saw in Tsavo earlier this year. We were lucky enough to watch this group of five/four? rather chubby cheetahs choke and devour a wildebeest in the Maasai Mara on the recent […]

A tale of two spiders

One of which got a hoverfly… The crab spiders (Thomisidae) are ambush predators that often hide on flowers, waiting for flower visiting prey to land This one got a syrphid (or hoverfly) (Taxonomy tidbit! You can see the spurious RS vein on the wing of the fly, which is diagnostic for its family) Close up […]

Nest Box Battles

And beautiful tree swallows! These two beautiful birds were guarding the nest box. I’m not sure if they had eggs in there or whether they planned to have eggs in there, but competition was fierce! Bring it. The first contender… Battling off birds… Looking fabulous. Yeah, buzz off! HAHAHAHA Welcome to the jungle, do do […]