Three poetic deaths for Samhain

Samhain is the Celtic harvest festival where the doors to the Otherworld are opened and the spirits and souls of the dead can return. The date for Halloween (or All Hallow’s Eve) was originally chosen to align with this Celtic festival, and they are similar in a lot of ways. Or, in the words of […]

Photos from Gembloux, Belgium

Bienvenue! Ah yes, the answer to my Where in the world quiz is Gembloux, Belgium! I visited Gembloux to learn from researchers at the agricultural university here, because they do some very cool research there and I wanted to learn their methodology. But I admit that a lot of people looked at me like I […]

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More nature photography awards: Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award I have a friend who is a parasitologist and she always posts the most interesting stuff! The intestinal parasites of King Richard III Great post by Manu Saunders explaining the recent paper showing declines in insect biomass in Puerto Rico: Insect declines: […]

Tiny mining bees, and Upon the Bee, by John Bunyan

I was in love with these teeny tiny mining bees (sometimes nicknamed mini-miners) at one of my field sites this summer (prior to death of macro lens RIP beloved lens). To give some idea of relative scale Male and female next to one another (female is larger and has pollen brushes) Male mini miner Ireland […]

Long-tailed tits in the botanic gardens

I managed to take these photos of the long-tailed tits while taking down one of my field sites a couple months ago now. I got some photos of this bird species last year, but I think these are better. I really think these birds are absolutely adorable! What a ham So fluffy! Hey! I just […]

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A thing we have also found in cultivated ornamental plants…their floral resources tend to be of lower quality and quantity, now also found in crop species. This includes a reduction in essential amino acids and anti-microbial compounds in the pollen and nectar. Obviously, these are important considerations if we expect bees to pollinate these crops, […]

Take a hike! (with me?): Slea head

Still catching up on hiking I did in Kerry with the fam. River and I ended up getting quite ahead of her parents, but we had a good time. Much nicer weather than the hike around Bray head, absolutely stunning… I think that’s Dingle over there I told her to make a “I just conquered […]