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A thing we have also found in cultivated ornamental plants…their floral resources tend to be of lower quality and quantity, now also found in crop species. This includes a reduction in essential amino acids and anti-microbial compounds in the pollen and nectar. Obviously, these are important considerations if we expect bees to pollinate these crops, […]

Take a hike! (with me?): Slea head

Still catching up on hiking I did in Kerry with the fam. River and I ended up getting quite ahead of her parents, but we had a good time. Much nicer weather than the hike around Bray head, absolutely stunning… I think that’s Dingle over there I told her to make a “I just conquered […]

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Great article by Manu Saunders on the types of insects that make honey (not just honeybees!). Bumblebees make honey in pots, so I always call them the “Winnie the Pooh” bees: Wasps, aphids and ants: the other honey makers Hugh Possingham is (in)famous for spinning a game show wheel to decide which species to save…this […]

Take a hike! (with me?): Bray head edition

A lovely little short hike out to Bray head and back that I did weeks ago with my uncle and cousin River (guys, I am so far behind on my posting it is not even funny, but this year has been full on). River is a surprisingly good hiker…surprising because she constantly complains, despite the […]

Scenes from the Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is just a loop road that goes around the Kerry peninsula in the southwestern corner of Ireland. My aunt and uncle and little cousin River were visiting Ireland, so I tagged along for their tour of this peninsula. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, and it makes me want to go back […]

Rook photos and “Black Rook in Rainy Weather”, by Sylvia Plath

This rook was totally hamming it up for me when I was in Dingle a few weeks ago. What a cutie! I feel like most people don’t like rooks but I think they are beautiful This guy was loving the camera Still, that’s a wicked looking beak… I asked my friend (who is excellent at […]