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New mollusk found!  Cool!  Of course, there’s a symbiosis involved, with chemosynthetic bacteria.  Mutualisms are the coolest: Stinky orchid shuts down flower show: Water striders are cooler than you think: This is a pretty and peaceful video about the sights and sounds of a typical New York forest: The amazing Dutch […]

Predatory Glow Worm

I recently read about a predatory glow worm that was discovered in the Peruvian Amazon. The glow worm is a beetle larva which has not yet been classified, although it is thought to be in the family Elateridae, or the click beetles. There’s this really neat information graphic about it: And several photographs taken by […]

Blurred Lines: Aspidoscelis neavesi

There was a song that came out a couple of years ago about the blurred lines of consent, and while I am NOT a fan of the song, I do think that one could write a hilarious parody of it about species concepts.  (We should do more of these biological parodies of popular songs!) I’ve […]

Incredible new animal discoveries

In the past couple of years, there have been some mind blowing animal discoveries.  Mind blowing mainly because we thought we had already figured out at least the large animals!  But new mammals, snakes, and frogs have been popping up in spite of our long history of discovery.  It is simply testament to the wondrous […]