Invasive, but adorable, grey squirrels Can I just say, without any implications, that the Irish way of saying squirrel is adorable? One of my Irish friends said it yesterday and I had to fight not to tell him it was adorable because he was being very serious about this nasty invasive pest. Squee-rell. People hate the grey squirrels because […]

Tarnished Plant Bugs

Ok, so I’m not totally happy with these photos, but I’m sharing them anyway because a fellow scientist drew my attention to the abundance of these little bugs (considered serious agricultural pests) and I can’t believe that I never took a closer look at them. So this summer, I snapped a few photos of tarnished […]

Indian mealmoths

Indian mealmoths (Plodia interpunctella) are members of the large moth family Pyralidae (snout moths!). This family contains many annoying pest species, including wax moths (pests of honeybee hives), and other pantry problems: almond, rice, and flour moths. I wanted to write a post about these common house pests because they are a major annoyance in […]

Though Difficult, it is Possible to Kill Boxelder Bugs, By Bill Holm

Love this poem. Though Difficult, it is Possible to Kill Boxelder Bugs.  If You are Interested, You Might try This Method Take two bricks. Creep deliberately up Behind the boxelder bug, Being careful not to sing – This will alert him. In a graceful flowing gesture, Something like a golf swing Or reaching for your […]

San Jose Scale Insect

Similar to the California Red Scale, the San Jose Scale (Quadraspidiotus perniciosus) is a pest insect of tree fruits (mainly apple, pear, and peach).  It is a true bug of the order Hemiptera.  And similar to the California Red Scale, it forms a waxy protective covering, which makes it very difficult to attack with insecticides.  […]