Take a hike (with me?): Knocknarea

Knocknarea is a very famous hiking trail near Sligo. Everything I read said it was a loop trail, but as I learned, it is actually a linear trail that goes from the carpark at the base of Knocknarea, over the hill, and straight into town (Strandhill). Thinking it was a loop trail, I kept hiking […]

Some photos from the west coast of Ireland, Rathlee

I was on the west coast of Ireland, visiting Sligo last month, and we stayed in a little AirBnB in Rathlee, which is a tiny town on the coast. I spent the mornings exploring the coast and admiring the scenery. Stonechat Plenty of birds to enjoy Rock Pipit April lamb Dramatic coast Ringed Plover Fluffy […]

The cuckoo bee emerges…

…from her host’s nest. This nomad bee lays her eggs in the nests of mining bees, where they hatch out before the host bee’s egg. The nomad bee larva consumes the pollen collected by the mining bee, and then usually also the mining bee egg… so watching her emerge from a mining bee nest was […]

More buffish mining bee photos

I didn’t feel like I did these bees justice, so I went back and got some more photos just to show how cute they are (plus, trying to get a photo of the ashy mining bees there…still failed!). You’ll just have to take my word for it, but there’s an ashy mining bee in there […]

Buffish mining bee aggregation

I found another mining bee aggregation! I’ve lost track of how many bee aggregations I’ve found this spring, which is a good place to be in, in my humble opinion. This is the largest aggregation I’ve seen in Ireland. It’s on a university campus in south Dublin, and again people walk past on both sides […]