Some spring bees in Dublin

The weather this spring has been incredibly wet and cool, so I haven’t seen too many bees, but I did catch these photos in between bouts of rain. I love the hellebores, but it is so tough to photograph bees visiting these flowers…first, you have to photograph them basically upside down, and then the light […]

The Fallow Deer of Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is the largest urban park in Europe, and it has a lot of really beautiful elements. One of its most popular attractions is its herd of semi-domesticated fallow deer. You’re not supposed to feed these deer, but (as you’ll see) tourists and locals alike LOVE to feed them. Intermingling crowds of tourists and […]

More photos from Leiden, the Netherlands

I actually had two people get REALLY close to guessing this, and one reader did guess it, so I’m handing out the imaginary internet points like crazy! The answer to my quiz was Leiden, in the Netherlands (colloquially Holland). This was my first trip to the Netherlands, and it totally blew my mind. I’ve been […]

Great Crested Grebe

Here’s a bird clue from my trip last week if you haven’t guessed yet. Obviously, the great crested grebe has a pretty broad distribution, but it should help narrow it down to say this is one of the countries where the grebe has a year-round residence. Also, just a beautiful bird! I love the glossy […]