Where in the world is SOIMF*?

That’s right reader(s)…I’m still traveling! In fact, I’m in the middle of five weeks of consecutive travel. Four countries, five cities, so expect at least one more quiz after this if the scenery is fun. See if you can guess where I was last week. I think this one will be more recognizable than the […]

Where in the world is SOIMF*?

You’ll never guess where I’ve been this time! No, really I think that this quiz is pretty much impossible, unless you happen to have visited this city yourself. It’s a small town, not a tourist location, not well known, and without any diagnostic features that make it easy to recognize. I think continent will be […]

Tiny mining bees, and Upon the Bee, by John Bunyan

I was in love with these teeny tiny mining bees (sometimes nicknamed mini-miners) at one of my field sites this summer (prior to death of macro lens RIP beloved lens). To give some idea of relative scale Male and female next to one another (female is larger and has pollen brushes) Male mini miner Ireland […]

Long-tailed tits in the botanic gardens

I managed to take these photos of the long-tailed tits while taking down one of my field sites a couple months ago now. I got some photos of this bird species last year, but I think these are better. I really think these birds are absolutely adorable! What a ham So fluffy! Hey! I just […]

Photos from Ghent, Belgium

The answer to my quiz from earlier this week was Ghent, in Belgium! It was my first time in Belgium, although I was in Leiden, the Netherlands earlier this year and they are close in proximity. Ghent was way calmer than Dublin, so it was a nice break from the stress, even though I was […]

Where in the world is SOIMF*?

*StandingOutInMyField Hello, here is a belated travel quiz for you! Belated because I’m already back from this work trip, but just assume I’m behind on everything for now. So the way it goes is 1 (imaginary internet) point for continent, 5 for country and 10 for city! TBH I would never get this but many […]