Birds at the watering hole

There was a watering hole we liked to visit once a week to see if the elephants would come in.  And they did!  (more about that later)  I also enjoyed photographing the birds that visited the watering hole, of course! Here are some of these birds: Egyptian geese with goslings Spur-winged lapwing Marsh sandpiper The […]

Where in the world is SOIMF?

I’ve moved to a new place and a new job!  See if you can guess where I am based on this photographic journey of my first week.  Ten imaginary internet points for the country and 100 imaginary internet points for the city! Obligatory cute animal There’s a clue if you know your bees! Rainbow Sorry […]

The lovely Carmine Bee-eater

I’ve loved bee-eaters since I saw my first Australian Rainbow Bee-eater (gorgeous, also beautiful). I love them in spite of the name that implies that they eat a lot of bees (which I also love), because this is nature and bees are eaten by lots of different types of attractive birds. There are a lot […]

Enemy, thy name is Vervet Monkey

I expect a lot of readers will find these little jerks cute, but I know the truth, which is that primates in general and monkeys in particular, are total jerks.  I learned this from my experiences working at a zoo, where the primates tortured me on a daily basis, knocking off my glasses, tugging on […]

Some handsome waterbucks

I really liked the waterbucks, especially because they have a white circle on their butts. I don’t know why that entertained me so much, but it really did.* The waterbucks are a common, large antelope that roam around sub-Saharan Africa. We usually saw them at a nearby watering hole that was attractive to a large […]

A den of bat-eared foxes

I’m going to invest a lot of time in sharing some of the amazing mammals I saw on my trip…but I haven’t lost my love of insects! (Or birds, they’re coming!) These are not the most amazing photos, but such a cool animal! Fox den Quite a good glower Slinky fox