Plant of the week: Toothwort

Y’all know I love my weird plants…here’s another hemi-parasitic species in the same family as broomrape and squaw root(Orobanchaceae). I love showing people these parasitic plants because 1) they’re always so shocked that such a thing exists and 2) they’ve usually never noticed them before, even though they are actually common! I found this population […]

A hike in Shenandoah National Park

Sometimes I sit on a blog post for several months before I get the time to put it together. Just so with these photos of a hike I did in Shenandoah National Park last year. I was in the South for a faculty interview (fingers still crossed on that one), and drove up through VA […]

It blue* my mind

*pun intended Blue(?) Veronica I love the story about the colour blue in nature. I’ve gone on about how there is no known vertebrate with an actual blue pigment; the rest of the colour blue we see is actually structural pigmentation. On the recent field course I taught in Kenya, I had the following conversation […]

Native, by Keetje Kuipers

It’s true…nothing is untouched anymore…how do we define native? Wild?   Native In the spring the men come out again to clear the land, yellow Cat dozers popping up on hillsides like morels to be collected after the first warm days of May. In fields studded with the rhinestone glitter of purple knapweed, trucks nose […]

Feather grass

I just discovered this new species I’m calling feather grass…what an interesting seed dispersal strategy it has! 😀   WILL there really be a morning? Is there such a thing as day? Could I see it from the mountains If I were as tall as they? Has it feet like water-lilies? Has it feathers like […]