An interesting response to an article on ragwort

A few weeks ago, the Irish Wildlife Trust (a facebook group), posted an article about the value of ragwort for pollinators in Ireland (link here). The affection of pollinators for weeds has been demonstrated before (e.g. bees love thistles), and in fact they may be an important component of how some invasive plants* are able […]

Links to share

Don’t be fooled by cheap visualization tricks! If you’re a person who digests graphs from the media (i.e. anyone), make sure you know the ways people can lie with graphs: I think it’s fair to call me a minimalist, given that everything I owned fit into a suitcase a couple of weeks ago. But […]

Pollinators make an awesome study system

I’ve told the story before about how I got into studying pollinators (you can read that here). I did a large, two year field study where I manipulated the presence or absence of a single plant species in a community of flowering plants and then I recorded the response of the insect community. After collecting […]

Buzz-pollinating bees in Costa Rica

A friend of mine* makes these amazing slow-motion videos of buzz-pollinating bees (head-banging bees!). I could have sworn I’ve done a post about buzz-pollination, but I can’t find it, so I’ll summarize here. Some flowers have specialized anthers that are fused. This makes it difficult for visiting insects to get pollen from the flower. The […]

Skunky smells and pollination

For my series on unusual pollinators, in honour of national pollinator week, I’m going to focus on the smellier side of pollination biology. Like Skunk Cabbages! So that video shows how cool Skunk Cabbages are, but it doesn’t focus on the unusual pollinators that are attracted to stinky smells and heat. In most cases, the […]

Reptilian Pollinators

Another group of unusual pollinators I want to highlight this week is the reptilian pollinators.  Naturally, they are not the first group one would think of, but some reptiles are nonetheless critical pollinators. For example, there is a gecko on the island of Mauritius (a fascinating island in many ways, e.g. the former home of […]