A five puppy day

Doesn’t get much better than five different puppies to cuddle with in one day! I had the chance to travel around and see some of my favourite canine friends…here are some selected photos from the millions I took. Bella baby Cooper the pooper Chance is an old gentleman Puck the puppy And of course hers […]

Links to Share

Saw this first hand when I was in Kenya earlier this year where brutal droughts are devastating the country. It’s very sad because many people don’t have another way to live. The farmers in Kenya were more ready to discuss climate change with me than suburbanites in Pennsylvania…: As The Climate Changes, Kenyan Herders Find […]

A sad puppy story

WARNING: THIS STORY IS VERY SAD (and a little gruesome)…please read no further if you aren’t prepared for a sad, but true story about how bad things can happen to innocent puppies. Here’s an adorable gif of a snow leopard (this is your opportunity to escape) View post on imgur.com We had three station dogs […]