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Fascinating article on the weird ctenophore. Not sure if I am 100% on board with the conclusions drawn, but nonetheless a worthy read: Aliens in our midst: The ctenophore’s brain suggests that, if evolution began again, intelligence would re-emerge because nature repeats itself As usual, superb photos in the Audobon photography competition. One day I […]

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Pop culture icons reimagined as insects? Yes: The most Irish thing ever? Risky headline, cute story: How did I not know about this!? You can get data from graphs in published papers using DataThief! Go NPR! The bulk of the world’s pollination services are being carried out by organisms other than honeybees: […]

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Alternative ways to kill weeds! (in agriculture, sorry gardeners) Plants that are edible to you and good for bees too! One of my favourite movie quotes ever, and I’m really feeling it since I moved to Ireland. “I better straighten myself out.” “Need any help?” “Oh…all I can get.” Scientists are funny (as […]

Watering can calluses

I just lost a full replicate in my field experiment. That’s what we field biologists like to call “a bad day.” Of course, I’ve lost replicates before, and it’s always hard, but this loss seems particularly pointless. You see, all of my field sites had to be in urban areas for this experiment, which meant […]

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I loved learning about some of the moons of our solar system: The war on wildlife and conservation: This song is me if you replace all the “man” and “boyfriend” references with “job”, and “society” with “science” hahaha You know how I love maps…here’s an interactive map about potential future changes in American […]

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Holy crap this Hercules beetle pupa is awesome: If you’re an anti-vaxxer, read this! (you can read also if you believe in vaccines, for reaffirmation): I keep telling people not to eat mouldy bread, but they don’t believe me.  NPR is on my side, though: Oh NPR…PLEASE DON’T CALL CATERPILLARS “WORMS”: […]

On the Fifth Day, by Jane Hirshfield

In honor of the international March for Science! On the fifth day the scientists who studied the rivers were forbidden to speak or to study the rivers.   The scientists who studied the air were told not to speak of the air, and the ones who worked for the farmers were silenced, and the ones […]