Some photos from a short trip to the US

Over Christmas, I visited the US and traveled around to see a few friends and family members. Here are some of the photos I liked from that trip! Queen Anne’s Lace in winter Juvenile Red tail American football Tyson! Sometimes I like to let my niece play with my camera…this is a beautiful selfie she […]

Instructions on Not Giving Up, by Ada Limón

Yes, this! We all need to hear this some days… Instructions on Not Giving Up More than the fuchsia funnels breaking out of the crabapple tree, more than the neighbor’s almost obscene display of cherry limbs shoving their cotton candy-colored blossoms to the slate sky of Spring rains, it’s the greening of the trees that […]

Autumn Black Locust

  Black locusts are weedy trees, but they’re also very beautiful.  I like their flowers in the summer and their golden leaves in the autumn. All the trees here are bare now, except the few oaks who cling to their brown leaves for most of the winter. Here’s a bit of colour to enjoy on […]

Autumn Song, by Daniel Mark Epstein

There have been a number of great poems written about this month. Autumn Song Little flower, you live in constant danger: Likely to be crushed under foot or torn by wind, Sun-scorched or gobbled by a goat. These October days streaked with regrets and tears Are like you, brindled flower, as they bloom And fade, […]

Take a hike! (with me?) The Golden Eagle trail 2016

I’ve mentioned the Golden Eagle trail before, but gosh I love it.  It has to be one of the prettiest day hikes in PA, and at over nine miles and two major climbs it’s a pretty challenging one too.  Feeling the onset of existential dread, I took myself for a rigorous hike in a beautiful […]