Day Three of the Beast from the East

More snowy photos…on the third day of the storm, I decided I would walk into work. Cycling was virtually impossible, and there was no public transit running: no trains, buses, trams, or even airplanes. Walking along the Grand Canal A bunch of swans Clearly showing off Many, many people in Dublin took this opportunity to […]

Winter birds of Tymon Lake

Notice I took the quotes off winter, because now we have a proper winter! This is the same lake I photographed just a couple of weeks ago while bragging about how lovely the Irish winter was haha! A perfect contrast to my last coot photo of him standing in his own reflection, now frozen into […]

The Beast from the East

Snowy scenes around Dublin Our beloved River Poddle Gorse looks beautiful flowering in the snow Yesterday I spent a few hours out exploring in a blustery winter storm, enjoying the fact that fewer cars were harrassing me. The roads are a mess right now because of an unusual winter storm (nicknamed “the Beast from the […]

Mistle thrush eating/fighting pink berries

I captured this (to me) hilarious series of photos of a mistle thrush devouring berries off a tree today in the middle of the storm. The shutter speed wasn’t high enough to capture the speed with which he thrashed those berries into submission haha. I’ve never seen a thrush eat berries so viciously. What are […]