An example of travel contrast

I like traveling because I feel like it gives me perspective…there’s a lot to be learned in comparing different places, cultures, and policies.  And weather!  One thing that is usually a pretty dramatic contrast (especially when you’re traveling to a different hemisphere) is the weather.  For example, I heard someone say one day in Kenya […]

The art of snow rolling, illustrated by Rascal

NB: This was a couple of weeks ago…things are starting to thaw out now, though there is still a decent amount of snow and ice lingering around.  I believe these photos were taken by my hiking buddy, because I had long since lost the feeling in my hands.  His hands are always warm, the jerk.  […]

Spring Follows Winter Once More, by Tom Hennen

It’s currently snowing here (nature is all like April Fools humans!), and we certainly don’t have any tall grass yet, but theoretically spring is following the winter…soon. Spring Follows Winter Once More Lying here in the tall grass Where it’s so soft Is this what it is to go home? Into the earth Of worms […]

Another arboretum night hike

One of the cool* things about winter is that the snow and heavy cloud cover tend to bounce a lot of light back and forth, making it possible to hike in the middle of the night without bringing any sort of headlamp or torch. This is particularly true near human light sources. The glow from […]