An egg-ceptionally difficult photo

I’m gonna have a post just for this one photo…because it was one of the most difficult photos I’ve ever taken! Not that this is a spectacular photo, but I had to first climb 50ft into a sugar maple, then drop down on a rope between a fork in two branches, tie myself in with […]

Scenes from the Birding Cup, 2016

The Birding Cup is a birding competition in which teams try to see as many species of birds as possible within a 24 hour period. Our team (the noble Timberdoodles) has always competed in the birding boot, which means no mechanized transport. I’ve posted about a couple of past birding cups (here and here oh […]

Nest box battles! Bluebird edition

I wrote a post about nest box battles with tree swallows last year and this year I had the opportunity to see a similar nest box battle, but this time between tree swallows and a bluebird.  I love tree swallows but I was secretly rooting for the bluebird because she already had eggs in the […]

Bees on (mostly) apple

I’ve been playing with light…in the past, I’ve been drawn to almost underexposed photos, and these are a lot more toward the overexposed end of the spectrum. I also wanted to show more context of the bees foraging in some of these photos, let me know what you think! PS. Most of these are apple […]