Invasive, but adorable, grey squirrels Can I just say, without any implications, that the Irish way of saying squirrel is adorable? One of my Irish friends said it yesterday and I had to fight not to tell him it was adorable because he was being very serious about this nasty invasive pest. Squee-rell. People hate the grey squirrels because […]

A little squirrelly

The most common tree squirrel species in northeastern North America is Sciurus carolinensis (the eastern grey squirrel).  Typically, these squirrels are, well…grey!  But in a few of the places I have lived, a more unusual squirrel fur colour has dominated. This dark morph is called a melanistic form.  The allele for the dark fur colour […]

The most dangerous animal in the Grand Canyon

The mammal list of Grand Canyon national park lists wolves and mountain lions.  The reptile list mentions six species of rattlesnakes with venomous bites.  The elk represent one of the largest ungulate species in the world, and can be deadly when aggressive. But the rangers will tell you that none of those are the most […]