A tale of a weird flatmate

I’ve shared housing with others, usually strangers, the entirety of my adult life, as I’ve yet to make enough money to afford my own accommodations (especially in Dublin, geez). Because I grew up a military brat, and then became an academic, I’ve moved pretty much every year or every other year my entire life. This […]


Back when I lived in Colorado, during high school, I worked at a baseball stadium. This involved a variety of different jobs, including manning a cash register while drunkards staggered in and spent hundreds of dollars on cheap merchandise and then could barely sign their names on credit card receipts, to hawking wares in the […]

I have a(n) (ir)rational fear of primates (that includes you)

When I used to work at a zoo, the primates used to torture me (explained in detail here, but suffice it to say they were very mean), and I rapidly developed a primate phobia. Admittedly, I’ve always been somewhat afraid of humans, which are also primates. Humans are arguably the most dangerous, lethal, and unpredictable […]

Quiet camping and waxwings

I was too tired to come up with a cleverer title, but I’m accepted suggestions. Here’s a story that expresses my relationship with my father pretty well. One day, my dad and I decided to go camping.  We were living in Nebraska at the time, having just moved there from Colorado.  Now, when one goes […]

The tapir

  This is a story about how I went looking for some very, very tiny animals, and ended up stumbling (almost literally!) on a very, very large animal. I had learned about Microstigmus wasps from the director of the biological station. She told me that these tiny, eusocial wasps build nests that hang from a […]

Lake Roosevelt in the day

I just told the story of my adventure camping at Lake Roosevelt, which despite containing over 200 pristine campsites, was a total ghost town when we arrived.  The next day, in the bright harsh light of the desert sun, it didn’t seem quite as eerie, although there was still something haunting about the abandoned pavilions.  […]