Where in the world is SOIMF*?

You’ll never guess where I’ve been this time! No, really I think that this quiz is pretty much impossible, unless you happen to have visited this city yourself. It’s a small town, not a tourist location, not well known, and without any diagnostic features that make it easy to recognize. I think continent will be […]


A friend and I sat and watched the sun set over the west coast of Ireland, and I enteretained myself quite a bit by trying to capture the sunlight coming through the waves crashing against the shore. This was surprisingly difficult, the waves were moving and unpredictable, you couldn’t shoot directly into the sun or […]

Photos from the River Field

This is the conservation area near Kilkenny where I collect my research plants. It is genuinely one of my favourite places in Ireland…there are barn owls and badgers and a little patch of heavenly woodland in an otherwise heavily agricultural region. The owner of the River Field had a blog where you could read about […]

Madera Canyon, Arizona

Once I got to looking at my carpenter bee photos yesterday, I realized there were a whole bunch of things I neglected to post about my Arizona trip a couple of years ago. That’s probably true of most of the things I intend to post but then forget to actually write up. Oh well! It’s […]

This post contains gluten

It contains wheat! Beautiful, glorious wheat… This field of wheat is Out…Standing… I didn’t get home from the field until 9:30 pm on this day, but the sunset on the wheat fields made it worth it…almost An interloper! I love how red it looks in the sunset Bonus wheat photos from a couple of weeks […]