Madera Canyon, Arizona

Once I got to looking at my carpenter bee photos yesterday, I realized there were a whole bunch of things I neglected to post about my Arizona trip a couple of years ago. That’s probably true of most of the things I intend to post but then forget to actually write up. Oh well! It’s […]

This post contains gluten

It contains wheat! Beautiful, glorious wheat… This field of wheat is Out…Standing… I didn’t get home from the field until 9:30 pm on this day, but the sunset on the wheat fields made it worth it…almost An interloper! I love how red it looks in the sunset Bonus wheat photos from a couple of weeks […]

An amazing Black Mo sunset, and traveling

Here are some sunset photos from Black Mo From my earlier hike Reminds me of Stillwater When we were leaving, the sky was on fire, but the trees were in the way.  It was so beautiful.  And the tips of the mountains were like islands floating in the ice fog. Hey all, I’m going to […]