A five puppy day

Doesn’t get much better than five different puppies to cuddle with in one day! I had the chance to travel around and see some of my favourite canine friends…here are some selected photos from the millions I took. Bella baby Cooper the pooper Chance is an old gentleman Puck the puppy And of course hers […]

Lily Dog, past flings

I met Lily on my first day at one of my sites and haven’t seen her since, but she’ll always have a place in my heart for the good times we shared…I’ll always miss you, Lily. You could call what we had a…fling.* Such a sweet face Throwthestickthrowthestickthrowthestick (this was pretty much the sum total […]

A bad influence

I think I’m a bad influence on my friends and family. My parents visited recently, and we went for a hike.  Halfway through the hike, my father, who has been anti-bug for my entire life (and possibly also his entire life), stopped in the middle of the trail. Then he bent over and picked something […]