Take a hike! (with me?): Howth, Bog of Frogs

There are a few hikes you can do around Howth, a peninsula north of Dublin, but I did the longest loop, the 14 km Bog of Frogs (not sure why it’s called that). It was super crowded for the first few km, but then it thinned out until there was no one. Sigh, tourists. I […]

More photos from Leipzig, Germany

The pose says “Kiss my butt”, but the feathers say <3! Germany! I *technically* have been to Germany before, but last time it was just because I was in Luxembourg and I went for a morning jog and ran to Germany, and I saw some giant snails, it was awesome. Anyway, I actually got a […]

Where in the world is SOIMF*?

I will be shocked if anyone figures out the city, but I’m pretty sure you can guess the country of where I was earlier this week (and you’ll definitely figure out the continent). There are some pretty big clues! The name of the city is even in one of these photos, but you’ll have to […]

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

You guys! I woke up in the middle of the night realizing I NEVER posted my photos from la Sagrada Familia from Barcelona last year. Wow, what an oversight! What if I get hit by a car while cycling to all my field sites and you never get to see them?! Well, I’m here to […]

The Burren

A spectacularly beautiful national park in western Ireland, that I had the privilege of visiting last week. Here are a bunch of photos of this crazy landscape (and a spiral shell for Jeff Ollerton). A spiral for you, Jeff! Coastal Saxifrage Seathrift (Armeria) Bird’s Foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) with a caterpillar problem I fell in […]

Wicklow National Park

After we did our hike at Crone Woods, my new friends were kind enough to drive me around Wicklow National Park, a mind-blowingly beautiful, but very different landscape. This is all heath bog, so even though it looks barren, it’s full of life. Those forests I love so much don’t really belong here! Sorry for […]