Where in the world is SOIMF* (bird clues)?

Nobody was able to guess from the pictures he posted earlier, so I’m posting some bird photos which will be a clue…let’s see if any bird nerds are reading. And here’s a ridiculously long bird photo list. Flamingoes! Pelicans Verreaux’s Eagle Owl has pink eyelids Weaver butt! The frumpiest baby pigeon Spotted thick-knee Crowned Lapwing […]

Where in the world is SOIMF*?

*StandingOutInMyField Hey all! My travels of late have been a whirlwind of adventure…from Oslo to…a place that couldn’t be any more different to Oslo. See if you can guess! I’m just going for country since we traveled all over. This may be a bit tough unless you’re a botany nerd…

A new great ape species! and traveling

Scientists have declared this genetic variant of orangutan a separate species, making it the first new great ape species in a century. I don’t get toooooo excited about primates, but this is an intriguing example of the ways in which phylogenetics can change the way we perceive animals and conservation. I heard a talk recently […]

Where in the world is SOIMF*?

*StandingOutInMyField Having a bit of a wander! See if you can guess where I am this week (will be somewhere entirely different next week). 10 points for the country and 100 imaginary points for the city! This should be pretty easy, since the name of the  city and the flag of the country are both […]

Invisible Visitors, by David Budbill

I’ve been traveling so much this year, this poem really resonated with me…just passing through, just passing through, just passing through… Invisible Visitors All through August and September thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of feathered creatures pass through this place and I almost never see a single one. The fall wood warbler migration goes by […]

Airplane photos

Photos from airplanes are always fun, but I don’t usually take them because a) I always take an aisle seat if I have a choice and b) flying makes me really nauseated, so I don’t usually do much of anything on a plane. It’s true…in spite of the frequency with which I fly, I still […]