Where in the world is SOIMF*?

See if you can guess where I am (slash was a few days ago, these are always belated because it is hard to post while I’m traveling)! There are some pretty big clues in here…and I have a feeling some of my regular readers will know it well. 5 internet points for the country, 50 […]

Some Kenyan sunbirds

I took a million bird photos in Kenya, so I’m subdividing them into manageable groups for posting.  The sunbirds are one of my favourite old world groups…they’re functionally like hummingbirds in that they drink nectar, but they can only hover for a short time.  Still, they come in lots of beautiful colors and are fun-sized! […]

Photos from Vianden Castle

Look, I’ll admit that human made things like castles and weapons (and babies) don’t pique my natural interest, but I do my best to appreciate them as others do.  So I dutifully toured around Vianden Castle, and carefully documented its contents with photography. I already shared some photos around the castle and town, but here […]

Where in the world is StandingOutInMyField?

I’m on the move! See if you can guess where I am…1 (imaginary internet) point for the right continent, 5 for the right country, and 10 for the right city! Your clue is that it is a location I’ve never been before. Oh and these photos…

231 miles from Central PA to Central NY: second day

This post is continued from yesterday… On the second day, I rode 109 miles and ended up at my friend’s house…I was hurting pretty bad after the first thirty or so. Surprisingly, it was my Achilles tendons that hurt the worst, not my muscles. I don’t know why that is, but it must have been […]