Day Three of the Beast from the East

More snowy photos…on the third day of the storm, I decided I would walk into work. Cycling was virtually impossible, and there was no public transit running: no trains, buses, trams, or even airplanes. Walking along the Grand Canal A bunch of swans Clearly showing off Many, many people in Dublin took this opportunity to […]

Bull finches

Most of my Irish friends (feathered and human) spent most of this snowmaggedon stuffing their faces haha…bull finches like this one prefer to eat buds on fruit trees. My landlord and his girlfriend prefer black pudding, white pudding, rashers, fried potatoes, beans, and toast. This is either a juvenile or a female, as the males […]

Winter birds of Tymon Lake

Notice I took the quotes off winter, because now we have a proper winter! This is the same lake I photographed just a couple of weeks ago while bragging about how lovely the Irish winter was haha! A perfect contrast to my last coot photo of him standing in his own reflection, now frozen into […]

The Beast from the East

Snowy scenes around Dublin Our beloved River Poddle Gorse looks beautiful flowering in the snow Yesterday I spent a few hours out exploring in a blustery winter storm, enjoying the fact that fewer cars were harrassing me. The roads are a mess right now because of an unusual winter storm (nicknamed “the Beast from the […]

Mistle thrush eating/fighting pink berries

I captured this (to me) hilarious series of photos of a mistle thrush devouring berries off a tree today in the middle of the storm. The shutter speed wasn’t high enough to capture the speed with which he thrashed those berries into submission haha. I’ve never seen a thrush eat berries so viciously. What are […]